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Mr. Waqas Bajwa

Mr. Waqas Bajwa has more than 15 years of experience in different core operations areas of SBP BSC. He mainly remained associated with SBP Refinance schemes in various capacities including front desk processing, team lead on-site verification, Internal Audit and supervision at Head Office level.

Mr. Bajwa has also conducted On-site Verification of Export Finance cases at the branches of Commercial Banks as team Leader for more than three years. Afterwards he also worked as Divisional Head at SBP BSC Head Office Karachi where his Division was responsible to oversee and supervise export Finance operations conducted by all the SBP BSC Offices across Pakistan. Later on he also had the opportunity to work as Divisional Head of the Internal Audit Division of SBP BSC Karachi Office where he was responsible for conducting internal audit of Refinance cases. He is also the Master Trainer for conducting Training on Export Refinance Schemes for SBP BSC Officers.

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