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Mr. Imran Ahmed

Additional Director, IH & SME Finance Department,

State Bank of Pakistan

Imran Ahmad, Additional Director, Infrastructure, Housing and SME Finance Department (IH&SMEFD), State bank of Pakistan has been working in Development Finance Group (DFG) for a decade. Currently, he is heading SME Finance Division at IH&SME Finance Department. Revision in Prudential Regulations for SME Financing, coordination for drafting Law for Secured Transactions (Collateral Registry), Introduction of SME Financing Targets for Financial Institutions are few of his most eminent contributions to the SME Finance Sector of the country. Besides, being closely associated with the promotion of SME banking, Mr. Ahmad has conducted various trainings / workshops / seminars for various stakeholders. With his contributions and exposure in the field of SME finance, he is regular trainer in regulatory trainings on SME Finance. He has diversified experience in foreign exchange policy, banking inspection, Islamic banking, infrastructure & housing finance. He holds a Master degree in Business Administration from Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan.


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