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Mr. Aun Abbas

Mr. Aun Abbas has over 15 years of Information Security related experience in public and private sector organizations. He started his professional career as a Network & Systems Programmer and developed a first ever Cross-platform application for Windows, Linux and Solaris environments, at a public sector organization. He is among the first team to assemble and fine-tune the SGI Super Computers in Pakistan. In year 2004, Mr. Aun Abbas became the first Head of Information Security Division at NESCOM, which he established in accordance with International standards. He also designed & deployed mission critical and hybrid computer networks linking 40-distant locations nationwide.  

Mr. Aun joined FIA 9 years ago as a pioneer member of NR3C-FIA and played a key role in establishing the first ever Digital Forensic Laboratory in Pakistan. He is the author of around 450 Forensic Reports, majority of which led the case towards conviction of criminal elements. He significantly contributed in the drafting of Prevention of Electronic Crime Act 2016.

Mr. Aun Abbas has designed and delivered a number of lectures and trainings for the officers of Judiciary, Prosecution, Police and Intelligence, on Law, Digital Evidence and technical investigation.  Mr. Aun Abbas, has represented Pakistan at various international forums and participated in a number of investigations of national importance. Being a member of the elite Law Enforcement Agency, he plays a prominent role in countering Computer Emergency incidents in the country.

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