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Mr. Syed Ali

Syed Irfan Ali’s professional banking and regulatory career spans over a period of 26 years, beginning in 1992. He has worked in commercial banks and as a regulator at the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) the central bank of the country since 2001. 
Mr. Ali’s core expertise is as a regulator of the banking industry who has contributed on policy development having remained the Executive Director of Banking Policy and regulations department, & Executive Director Banking Inspection Department and Payment Systems. 
His major contributions in policy have been, issuance of policy frame work for Branchless Banking in Pakistan, Money Laundering, Global Depository Receipt (GDR), policy reviews on licensing to banks, policy on corporate governance, Prudential Regulations (PRs) Re-structuring of Financial Institutions, assistance to the Government in disinvestment / privatization process of public sector banks, mergers and acquisition, banking laws to strengthen the Legal and regulatory framework. 
He is recognized to have strong communication skills and has delivered presentations both in Pakistan and abroad and is regularly engaged for professional teaching assignments on a range of banking subjects, however Branch less banking remains his forte. He is recognized as a policy champion by the Alliance for Financial Inclusion a Malaysian based organization formed by regulators for the pioneering work undertaken on branchless banking in Pakistan.  
He is currently working on a Digital Bank Strategy for the Pakistani financial system and is focusing on legal options, customer data hosting, cloud policy, cognitive and quantum computing, Fintech based application services, Block Chain technology. 


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