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Mr. Mahmood Shafqat

Mahmood has around 22 years of experience in central banking and has extensive knowledge and expertise in Islamic banking and Finance. He was assigned the responsibility of re-launch of Islamic banking in Pakistan in year 2000 for which he formulated the regulatory and supervisory framework for Islamic banking industry and played a leading role in development and promotion of Islamic banking. Towards this end he studied legal and regulatory framework for Islamic banking in other countries and formulated laws and regulations, licensing criteria, off-site supervision system and on-site Shariah compliance inspection framework for Islamic banking in Pakistan. He has played a key role in Development of Financial Instruments and Model Agreements for Islamic financial institutions, Liquidity Management instruments – Government Sukuk, R&D and Capacity Building through membership of various Task Forces, Committees and Working Groups formed by State Bank of Pakistan and the Federal Government.

He has been a member of IFSB Working Group on Shariah Governance, which prepared international standard on Shariah Governance of Islamic financial institutions. He has participated in numerous International Seminars, conferences and visited various countries as a member of official Delegations of Government of Pakistan and State Bank of Pakistan for studying Islamic banking and supervisory practices in order to develop Islamic banking in Pakistan. He has been a speaker in numerous programs of various TV channels and conducted training sessions on different aspects of Islamic Banking and Finance in universities and training institutes located in various cities of Pakistan.

He has also worked as Regulatory & Supervisory Expert in a World Bank team in 2013-14, advising Central Bank of Tanzania on development of Legal, Regulatory & Supervisory Framework for Islamic Banking in Tanzania.

He has worked on implementation of International Accounting Standards and Basle-I in Pakistan’s banking sector and dealt with Corporate Governance Issues of banking sector (conventional and Islamic) as Divisional Head for four years apart from regulating and developing SME finance for one year.

His Key Areas of Expertise include Islamic Banking and Finance, Legal and Regulatory framework for financial institutions (Both Conventional and Islamic), Shariah Governance, On-Site Inspection, Strategy Formulation, Product Development, Licensing and Corporate Governance, Off Site Surveillance, Islamic Accounting Standards, Training and Capacity Building, Feasibility Studies.

Currently he is working as Additional Director, Islamic Banking Department, State Bank of Pakistan (central bank of the country), heading the Policy Division.

He secured M.B.A degree from a leading university in Pakistan and is 48 years of age.

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