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Mr. Freddy Sethna

Mr. Freddy Sethna has immense experience of over thirty five years in the banking sector, and he has journeyed through a number of banks, which include United Bank Ltd, Saudi French Bank in Saudi Arabia, Standard Chartered Bank, Deutsche Bank and Allied Bank Ltd.

The key areas covered Customer Services, Operations, IT and Compliance. The spotlight on Compliance started in the year 2000 whilst in Deutsche Bank, and in 2003, he was assigned the conscientious and responsible position as the Head of Legal and Compliance at Standard Chartered Bank, Pakistan.

During the last six years of his banking career, he headed the Compliance Division at Allied Bank Ltd., and served as the Chief Anti Money Laundering Officer for the bank. Besides performing his function in the Compliance Division, he has a passion for training Compliance and Branch Banking staff, in areas of Anti Money Laundering and Combating of Financial Terrorism, thereby heightening the awareness in money laundering trends, and assessing the various vulnerabilities that are present in the digital world today. During 2012, in-house training on AML | CFT has been imparted to many employees of one of the top five banks in Pakistan, and periodically to various groups of bankers, organized by a premier risk consulting company, specializing in business training.

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