We conduct Inspection to assess, determine and verify the quantity, quality and value of the stocks already pledged or Hypothecated under any other financial consideration. Our primary objective of stocks inspection is to safeguard the Banks / Financial Institutions through accurate reporting of facts and figures.

Stocks Inspection services that Dellsons offers include the following:

1. Checking and verifying the Quantity and Quality of the stocks pledged/hypothecated

2. Checking Printing, Packing and Marking

3. Checking and verifying Storage methods and Placement of stocks

4. Verifying steps taken for Care and Preservation of the stocks

5. Checking and verifying Ownership status of the stocks

6. Checking and verifying Security arrangements

7. Checking and verifying availability of the Fire Protection arrangements

  1. Checking handling facilities
  2. Checking and verifying Insurance status and validity

The company is in the process of approval from Pakistan Banks Association ("PBA") of its enlistment for conducting inspection of stocks of commodities like sugar and cotton belonging to Trading Corporation of Pakistan. The company has a team of field inspectors who are specialized in Inspections in their respective fields.



Dellsons has an exceptionally good record in undertaking major valuation and consultancy on property portfolios, development and master planned land and sites, and, recently applied for Pakistan Banks Association ("PBA")'s approval for enlistment for all of its panels i.e. Commodity, Land, Building, Plant and Machinery.

Dellsons one of the top valuation firms in Pakistan, providing valuation services that meet specific requirements of the clients. Our valuation team enjoys a unique position among the professionals in the field who strictly follow and abide by the standards set for sound asset valuation practices. Our valuations provide advice on a broad cross section of clients' needs as outlined below:

Our team follows and abides by valuation standards which no local valuation firm adhere. As such, Dellsons is the only valuation firm in Pakistan providing valuation services and cater to this specific requirement.



We have a huge database and state of art facilities through which our experienced team conducts SECP related services including Company Incorporation, Charge Registration, Search Report, Certified True Copies, and other company documentation, updated database of companies and other credit related information, business analytics and effective reporting, online file management and customer specific archive, both manual and e-filing.

Search Report

The company acts as consultants and conducts search of registered & unregistered charges and facilitates banks to have exact standing or listing of company assets mortgage / charge details, whereby, the source of information is the company records being maintained at SECP. Further, in search reporting we provide details of charges in four different formats i.e. bank wise, security wise, date wise and satisfied charges and general information of the company

Charge Registration

The company acts as consultants to facilitate banks in preparation and submission of relevant documents and registration of charge with SECP. The scope of our services includes the creation of charge, modification of charge, and satisfaction / vacation of charge.

Certified True Copies

The company acts as consultants to facilitate banks in providing Certified True Copies of corporate documents available in the records of SECP.

Corporate Documentation Submission

The company acts as consultants to facilitate corporate institutions in providing services of preparing and submission of mandatory documents like incorporation documents, periodic documents like Form A, Form 29, etc.



Dellsons also facilitates banks in providing updated information in regard to the properties mortgaged or to be mortgaged against Financing Facilities. The range of services delivered includes:

Search Certificate(s) from Property Registrar:

To confirm the ownership status of the mortgaged properties.

Verification /Confirmation of Genuineness of Property Documents:

To eliminate the risk of financing against fake documents. The genuineness of Documents and Title to property from the concerned Registrar/ Authority is verified/ confirmed.

Registration of Mortgage:

A mortgage is a transfer of an interest in specific immovable property for the purpose of securing the payment of money advanced or to be advanced by way of loan, an existing or future debt or the performance of an engagement which may give rise to a pecuniary liability. To further supplement the Equitable mortgages, registered mortgage for full amount or token amount is created /registered with relevant Registrar of properties.

Permission to Mortgage:

To avoid any future objection/disputes/flaws in mortgage, a No Objection Certificate from the concerned authority to mortgage in favor of any financial institution is a necessary document.

Mutation of Mortgaged Property:

To ascertain Transfer of Title in Authority is record for any purpose.

Lien Mark:

Lien is the banker's right to withhold property until the claim of the property is paid. Marking of the Lien is specially done on the properties located in rural areas or where properties are owned/mortgaged on the basis only of Extracts of Rights (Form II/Form V II).

Dellsons lives by its commitment through multi-tier distinct yet complimentary initiatives. They include training for human resource development to cope up with the modern day challanges.