IT Governance Framework Audit, Compliance and Risk

IT governance has emerged as a key imperative for organizations as several corporate failures and disasters surfaced, out of poor corporate governance as well as lack of alignment between business objectives and the IT objectives,

Money Laundering & Trade Financing Demystified

This workshop will enlighten and enrich the knowledge of the audience, starting from the basic concepts of AML and CFT to the latest tools and techniques along with the practical issues being faced by the front line managers/ offices i.e. the branches of financial institutions, the regulatory expectations and how to strike a balance between compliance of law and business development to meet the challenging targets.

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Credit Administration Operations and Documentation

Since the establishment of separate CAD set up in the banks, the need for conceptual clarity along with procedural guidelines has increased manifold. Seeking primary security in line of Buy Back Agreement with the customer and securing the interest of the bank through fulfillment of banking and legal requirements have always remained on the top priority of the Banks.

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Going Digital - Solution to your Products

This Going Digital workshop is designed for cross industry executives and senior managers within the financial services sector; particularly banks.


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