Income Estimation

Income Estimation enables the Bank to have a 3rd party independent view about the Borrower's credit-worthiness, repayment capacity and calculating debt burden ratio ("DBR") accordingly. The company conducts a professional assessment / income estimation of salaried and business individuals having single or multiple sources of income along with information about the applicant personal and credit characteristics, character, general reputation etc.

Process Flow:

Major components are as follows:

  1. Existence of the applicant in business(s) for a given minimum period of time
  2. Applicant's involvement in the said business(s)
  3. Status and percentage share of the applicant in the business and its profit and loss
  4. Business gross revenues, direct costs, effect of in ventories and allied business expenses
  5. Personal information like household expenses, number of children, education expenses of children, number of servants and their salary, number of vehicles, etc., Investment and properties


Local Credit Report The job entails Professional assessment of credit-worthiness and other associated credit & market risks of the customer / borrower (companies, firms & sole proprietors) including the credibility or behavior of the borrower related to the re-payment of present or past bank-credit financing and the overall company / borrower business reputation in the market / industry.

Process Flow:

Components are as follows:

  1. Corporate profile i.e. history, nature of business activities, associations, shareholdings, Chief Executive, Legal advisor, Auditors, etc
  2. Business activities i.e. products/services, sales territory, customers, suppliers, competitors, business strategy & target market, buying & selling terms, employees strength, operational status, etc. Director(s)/ Partner(s)/Proprietor profile i.e. shareholding, status, involvement in business, status, etc.
  3. Financing facilities availed detail
  4. Market reputation / SWOT analysis and court cases (if any)
  5. Observation & Problems (if any)
  6. Financial information along with ratio analysis. Local Credit Report enables the Bank to have a 3rd party independent view about the borrower's credit worthiness, repayment capacity and current business status in terms of appropriate credit related decision support mechanism.


Dellsons has an agreement with an International Company as it's local Partner / Reseller in Pakistan and is responsible to provide our clientele in banking and financial services industry and companies engaged in international trade with International Business Reports, Financial Statements, In-Depth Reports, Registry Extracts, Regular Reports, Same Day Reports & Premier Profile Reports. Dellsons serves as decisive factor to provide clientele with updated financial and credit reports through world-class delivery system to corporate, SMEs and consumer divisions at commercial banks, DFIs, NBFIs.



This is yet another important area in which Dellsons serves its clients. "Third party verification" refers to verifying the prospective applicant, his behavior and financial dealings in daily life. We verify indepth the applicant from his neighbors, colleagues and people who mingle with him every day such as shopkeepers etc.

Verification Process:-

  1. Verification of applicant address and telephone numbers
  2. Type of Job
  3. Job status
  4. Financial strength
  5. Repayment history
  6. If applicant have his own business then type of business, products & Services and its dealing.
  7. Remarks and comments of the surveyor.


The primary responsibility of a Clearing Agent is to work with the Importers and Exporters to support compliance with Custom rules (Land and Sea Customs, Air Units, Postal Units and KPT etc) and regulations in an efficient and cost effective way. Custom agents also work with clients' Business partners, Suppliers, Carriers & Forwarders etc.


Being well versed with Custom laws and equipped with a team of experts and dedicated field force, Dellsons Associates has successfully designed different mechanisms to handle/clear and secure stocks imported under banks lien and ensure that the technology and procedures are in place to meet business and regulatory demands. The components are as follows:


  1. Assisting the client in preparation of final Import or Export related documents.
  2. Completion of appraisement and examination formalities.
  3. Payments of Custom and other Government dues.
  4. Consignments, after completion of custom formalities, are either shipped / delivered to the client's warehouse or are dispatched to upcountry destinations under our supervision.
 Dellsons lives by its commitment through multi-tier distinct yet complimentary initiatives. They include training for human resource development to cope up with the modern day challanges. Continuing growth potentials in the financial sector in Pakistan and the rest of the world in terms of products, customer outreach, Target market & Business Volume etc. have become a solid base to attract new entrants, increase competition, entail higher efficacies and increase institutional exposures as well as risk potentials thereof. This brings into sharp focus the need- much greater in magnitude than ever before- to develop state-of-the-art institutions capable of catering to the emerging development needs of the financial sector in Pakistan and other parts of the world.