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Value Creation Audit
Value Creation Audit

One Day Workshop on Value Creation Audit By Yasser Rasheed Head of Audit Bank ALfalah and Attaullah Memon Joint Director State Bank of Pakistan The seminar would be held on 19th March 2016 in PC Karachi and 26th March 2016 in PC Lahore.

Audit professionals would agree that audit creates both visible and invisible value which helps the organization both in the short and long term. In continuation of this tradition it may not be an overstatement to state that Delsons Associates over the past two years has conducted a number of challenging seminars and modules for the financial sector which have been wholly supported by the financial industry. In line with our tradition and carrying the spirit forward we are conducting a One Day Workshop on Value Creation Audit. The challenge of the course lies in not only understanding audit but also to understand how it creates value
In this workshop you will find;
1. Why Value Creation Audit is Important
2. How to Deliver Maximum Value through Audit Function
[Various ways, process, opportunities and avenues will be explained which create value for the audit clients. The practical examples from various audit set ups will be shared in the training.]

The seminar will be useful for:-
1. operations, 
2. finance professional, 
3. CFO’s, Compliance heads 
4. Personnel dealing with Internal Controls over Financial reporting and its implementation
5. Compliance officers
6. Audit staff
7. Business continuity planners
8. Business risk review officers.



  1. Putting things into Perspective
  2. Important Concepts
  3. Value Preservation [Core Function] to Value Creation [New Function]
  4. Value Creation by Improving Internal Processes
  5. Assisting Management in Critical Avenues
  6. Risk Based Internal Audit [RBIA]
  7. Branding / Marketing of Audit Function in the Organization
  8. Audit Staff Development as Salesmen


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