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Subject: One Day Seminar On “E Commerce… Can You Afford to Ignore it?” By Shokat Bizinjo and Ahsan Jamal

We do hope you are well. The training on E Commerce was long overdue and we do apologies for rather being late on the matter. However as they say good things do come late. But, better late than never.
It gives me a great pleasure to introduce the above three trainers who combined have more than sixty years of work experience, are experts in the fields on Payment Systems, IT Infrastructure and Branchless Banking. These professionals have been hired on the basis of their experience and standing in the industry as well as their ability to communicate augmented by requisite qualifications. Needless to mention that such quality comes with substantial cost to Dellsons Associates.
As stated above we work with a mission to deliver quality training from the best in the business and over the past one year of our existence we have conducted a number of seminars and modules for the financial sector which have been overwhelmly supported by the financial industry.
Who Should Attend
The participants should mainly be from business, operations, risk, credit, compliance, CAD, Information Technology, payment systems and senior members of the bank hierarchy and the key decision makers. This course will also help all sorts of businesses interested in e-commerce and will also endeavor to bridge the gap between the banks, payment system operators and business houses.
What the course has to offer
The course offers in depth analysis of E-Commerce, starting from its utility from both the acquirer and user point of view. E Commerce is the new reality whereby businesses all over the world are brining buyers closer and serving the customers in the homes. Payments systems become all the more important keeping in view the security for both the buyers and sellers.

Organizations that will benefit

Online Retailers, Retailers, Ecommerce Platforms, Suppliers 
Commercial Banks, Islamic Banking; Consultants, Tax Consultants, Lawyers 3PLs and Logistics, Government Institutions

Who will attend

E-commerce Managers and Directors; Chief Information Officer, Chief Commercial Officers & Chief Customer Officers
Country & Brand Directors, e-Commerce Insight Managers
ADC Directors and Managers, Marketing Heads and Managers
Online Trading Directors, International Expansion Managers 
Business Development Directors, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Business Heads, IT Heads, Strategic Partners, Compliance Head, Internal Audit Heads 

Session – One

  1. E-Commerce, E-Business, E-Banking
    1. The e-commerce ecosystem – understanding how the e-commerce space works
    2. Definitions, Differences and Usage/Benefits
    3. Methodology and Basic Requirements for E-Commerce
    4.  Origins and Growth of E-commerce
    5. How link between E-Commerce and E-Business is critical for success?
  2. E-commerce business models 
  3. Business-to-consumer (B2C), Business-to-business (B2B) and Business-to-Government (B2G) business models
  4. Documentation Standards for E-commerce Organizations
  5. E-Commerce Payment Gateways and its importance for E-Commerce

      Short Video 

​Session - Two

  1. Why Ecommerce?  Why sell online? To satisfy the customer!
  2. Major Ecommerce Platforms and their benefits
  3. Strategies for Ecommerce 
    a.     Better customer experience 
    b.    Customer engagement
    c.    Better Communication
    d.    Customer retention
    e.    Marketing your website
  4. E-commerce Best Practices 
  5. Dynamics of Internet Acquiring
    a.    The foundations of becoming an Internet Acquiring Bank
    b.    Role of Card schemes  in Internet Acquiring

         Short Video
         Case Study

Session - Three

1. Security and Fraud Prevention 
a. Integration with the shopping cart
b. Fraud Prevention technologies
c. Latest trend of tokenization
d. 3D Secure – The need and implementation
e. Internet Merchant Accounts
f.  Merchant Risk Management Strategies
g. Securing channels of communication

2. Importance of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) in E-Commerce
3. E-Commerce and Consumer Retailing: Risks and Benefits
4. Payment Systems Merchant Accounts, Payment Gateways, Credit Cards Processing & Third Party Payment Processors 
5. E-commerce digital payment in the B2C arena
6. Electronic Check, E-Cash, SET based payment systems

Short Video

Session - Four

1. Ecommerce Landscape in Pakistan 
a. Opportunities in Pakistan
b. Regulatory perspective – SBP
i.  Role of PSP/PSO in the business
ii. Regulations on TPSP
c. Regulatory perspective – SECP
d. Leading ecommerce businesses in Pakistan
e. Landscape of E-Commerce in Pakistan; Market Potential and Sectors
f. Challenges to ecommerce business in Pakistan and Way Forward Strategy
2. Top 10 Global Ecommerce Markets/Global Sales/Trends 

Short Video 
Case Study 

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