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Cyber Security
Cyber Security

Cyber Security & Information Security are gaining importance with the rapid proliferation of e-commerce, online banking, cloud computing, social media, and smartphone usage.

Workshop Overview:

Cyber Security & Information Security are gaining importance with the rapid proliferation of e-commerce, online banking, cloud computing, social media, and smartphone usage. Advances made by attackers in technology and methods far exceed security defenses established by corporate and government entities. Not only is the subject mostly misunderstood, but the implementation of Information Security in the Pakistan industry is also largely weak and adhoc.   

This Workshop brings a completely fresh look at security and proposes strategies, methodologies, and techniques to bolster Cybersecurity and Information Security. Based on vast experience of the trainers in auditing & implementation of security hardening and security implementation projects in Pakistan, this workshop also provides  real-life, practical, and holistic coverage of how to successfully implement security and win the battle against attackers. 

By the end of the Workshop, participants will be able to:  

1. Understand how to develop highly effective strategies to counter organizational security threats 

2. Grasp the complete Information Security lifecycle and how to apply security step-by-step  

3. How to structure security projects so everyone wins 

4. Apply the world’s leading security hardening benchmarks & best-practices for rock-solid security

5. Apply global information security standards to their organization and its critical assets

6. Understand basics of ISO27001:2013 ISMS and implementation

7. Attain understanding of SBP laws and regulations pertaining to Information security

8. Understand basics of Prevention of electronic crimes Act, 2016 

9. Case-studies for security implementation (IT infrastructure, datacenters, software & websites, code review, penetration testing, ISO27001:2013, cloud/virtualization security, mobile security)

10.Know how to develop and implement a highly successful organization-wide security program

11. Know how to win and keep winning in the security battle ! 

This workshop provides winning strategies for successful implementation of Cyber Security & Information Security. Participants will be able to take away practical, real-world, and time-tested techniques to successfully fix security loopholes.
1. Introduction to Information Security strategy 

  1. How to lose the security battle 
  2. Cyber security fundamentals 
  3. Basics of security architecture 
  4. Security paradigm & how to overcome challenges 
  5. Current cyber security posture 
  6. Target state for Cybersecurity  

2. Security implementation methodology 

  1. Security implementation lifecycle 
  2. 8-Step security implementation methodology 
  3. Policies & SOPs 
  4. Security testing, validation & accreditation  

3. Security hardening – International best-practices & benchmarks  

  1. DISA security STIGs (Security Technical Implementation Guides) 
  2. CIS (Center for Information Security) Benchmarks 
  3. Software security & best-practices for software houses and teams 
  4. Vulnerability management (VM) through NESSUS overview  

4. Security standards & frameworks 

  1. ISO27001:2013 Information Security Management System (ISMS) overview and its advantages 
  2. Other Information Security standards/frameworks (PCI, NIST, SANS) 
  3. SBP laws and regulations pertaining to Information security 
  4. Prevention of electronic crimes Act, 2016.  

5. Case-studies for security implementation 

  1. IT infrastructure & datacenter hardening & testing 
  2. Cloud & virtualization security 
  3. Mobile device security 
  4. Website security hardening & pen-testing 
  5. ASP.Net & software security hardening & testing 
  6. Asterisk voice servers security hardening & testing 
  7. Security code review (manual & automated) 
  8. ISO27001:2013 project implementation  

6. How to keep your organization secure & win 

  1. Key success factors for successful Information Security implementation 
  2. How to win the security battle 
  3. Q/A session 

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